Delhi Police's flagship service is provided totally free of cost to all residents of Delhi and those visiting the Capital, 24x7 throughout the year. "112 Number" is a trusted brand with high recall value with Delhites, be it a traffic accident or any kind of situation requiring "assistance".

1091 Women's Helpline

This helpline functions round-the-clock and has 20 call takers. Calls here are received either directly or diverted from No. 112. Calls received directly on 1091 can also be dispatched through No. 112 and consequently the PCR Patrol Vehicles on ground can take the necessary executive action. Calls received on this line from women pertain to enquiries regarding reporting of any offence or asking for counselling.

1291 Children, Students and Senior Citizens Helpline

This helpline can also get calls directly or calls can be diverted to it from No. 112 in case of an emergency. This helpline can link up to the PA-112 system and the PCR Patrol Vehicles can be dispatched. All the calls regarding children which do not require emergency help are referred to the SPUWAC (Special Police Unit for Women & Children). Similarly, calls of senior citizens which are not emergent in nature are referred to the local police or the senior citizens cell for further follow up.

1093 North-East Citizens Helpline

This helpline functions on 24 X 7 basis to help citizens from the north-east feel secure and validated in the national capital.