Sexual Exploitation of Child

Things to know

  1. Children can be sexually exploited irrespective of gender.
  2. With the increased exposure and use of internet by children, the children are vulnerable to online sexual exploitation.
  3. The issue of child sexual exploitation is also linked with trafficking.
  4. A survey by India Today magazine indicate that there are between 400,000 to 500,000 child prostitutes in India.(UNICEF, 2001).
  5. The effect of sexual exploitation can be very damaging. Often the children, who had been sexually exploited grapple with feelings of low self esteem, feel inadequate and mistrust others.
  6. Children exposed to sexual exploitation are also vulnerable to substance abuse, physical violence, early pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

What can I do when I see a child who had experienced sexual exploitation?

  1. The child should be treated with respect and dignity.
  2. Child's confidentiality should be maintained.
  3. Child be medically examined and treated.
  4. Registration of case under IPC and JJ act.
  5. Involvement of social workers ,psychologists and child specialists when interacting with the child.

Relevant legislations

  1. Juvenile Justice Act.


  1. UNICEF (2001), "Profiting from abuse" New York